Shouting Whispers of Skate Moms

There is no such thing as a quiet whisper at the rink.  Anything that is said at the rink might as well be shouted from the roof tops.  No matter how quiet or private a conversation is, 99% of the time it will be leaked out.  Gossip spreads like wild fire.  Reading this you may […]

Show Time= DRAMA Part 2 Show Groups

“I have to skate with WHO!?” Are the words that ring in the air when the show groups are chosen. Every club has a different method of choosing who is in what show group. It doesn’t matter what method is used, there are usually upset parents or skaters based on who is in what group.  The disapproval ranges […]

Show Time = Drama PART 1 COSTUMES

It’s the time of the annual club show and that can only mean one thing….DRAMA.  Every year at show time, no matter what club I worked with or heard about, there is always drama.  Get a group of skaters together and try to put an event on that would please everyone is darn near impossible. […]

#1 Overcoming the Fear

Figure skating is my life, my passion, and my job.  No matter how many hours I spend at the rink, I am still bursting with zealousness.  Every time I step on the ice, I am continued to be inspired by what this amazing sport can do.  I went from being a young skater with a […]