Show Time=DRAMA Part 3 RESPECT

This is the section in the show time series that makes my blood boil.  The other sections are the usual expected drama that I can see both sides from.  I can understand being upset about having a horrible costume or being placed in the wrong group, but what I can’t wrap my head around is […]

Show Time= DRAMA Part 2 Show Groups

“I have to skate with WHO!?” Are the words that ring in the air when the show groups are chosen. Every club has a different method of choosing who is in what show group. It doesn’t matter what method is used, there are usually upset parents or skaters based on who is in what group.  The disapproval ranges […]

Show Time = Drama PART 1 COSTUMES

It’s the time of the annual club show and that can only mean one thing….DRAMA.  Every year at show time, no matter what club I worked with or heard about, there is always drama.  Get a group of skaters together and try to put an event on that would please everyone is darn near impossible. […]