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Here are some resources that I have created for my students that make great additions to a skaters binders/notebooks. If you have any suggestions or would like a custom template, please do not hesitate to ask.  I would be more than happy to create more or specialized checklists and goal sheets.   Be sure to check out which has all of the USFS figure skating judges panel sheets.  These are also great for a skater to have.  When a skater is close to testing, it is great to put these test forms in a clear sheet protector and then fill out it with a dry erase marker.  Each session the coach or skater can fill it out based on their performance that day.  The clear plastic sheet protector also works great for the daily checklist! PS On the practice sheets above the jumps it listed L/F/2.

L= Lands

F= Fall

2= Two foot

Figure Skating Weekly Goal Sheets

Figure Skating Yearly Goal Sheets

2018 Summer Skating Schedules


Figure Skating Practice Checklist-Beginner

Figure Skating Practice Checklist-Juvenile

Figure Skating Practice Session Checklist-Intermediate-Novice

Figure Skating Competition Packing Checklist

Ice Rink Layout

Figure Skating Goal Sheets for Coaches

USFS Testing Levels Accomplishment Worksheet



Below are some practice worksheets that are great for keeping track of keywords, things to remember during the elements and patterns, and notes from coaches.

Keyword Worksheet SPINS

Keyword Worksheet Beginner SPINS

Keyword Worksheet Flip-2 Loop JUMPS

Keyword Worksheet Double JUMPS

Keyword Worksheet Prelim JUMPS

Keyword Worksheet Beginner JUMPS


MIF Worksheet SENIOR

MIF Worksheet JUNIOR

MIF Worksheet NOVICE



MIF Worksheet PREJUV

MIF Worksheet PRELIM

MIF Worksheet PRE PRE


Below is a great link for off ice workouts for figure skaters:


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