What if You Couldn’t Skate Anymore?

Figure Skating GratitudeOh the holiday season! It brings joy, happiness, stress, family fights, and a low bank account.  The holidays are supposed to be a time to spend with your family and give thanks.  With busy schedules and the commotion of the holidays we often lose sight of what amazing people and privileges we have in our lives.   Sometimes it takes a setback to see things from a different perspective.

I admit I am naive.  I have lived with the “ignorance is bliss” motto for years and it has kept me from fearing many situations. Looking back it may be more stupidity than ignorance, and it usually takes an unforeseen accident to bring me back to reality.  It may be a slip on the ice that has you in the emergency room, a car accident, or even having the stomach flu and not being able to skate for a few days.  It shouldn’t take something negative to make us realize how lucky we are for everything we have in our lives.  Family, friends, and health is the most important but we as skaters are so fortunate to have the ability and opportunity to skate.

The cost of the equipment, ice time, and coaching fees is off the charts.  The time commitment and scheduling and ice time availability is a nightmare.  Yet, we go out onto the ice determined and stressed to have a clean program run or land a certain jump and it never crosses our mind how lucky we are to have that opportunity.  There are thousands who can’t afford it or are not physically able to skate and we can let an entire session pass without once appreciating being out on the ice.  Be thankful for the ability to skate, our friends at the rink, and that feeling of being free when your on the ice.

Now is the time to be grateful.  Don’t wait for the moment you can’t skate in order to realize how fortunate you are to be able too.  Every time you step on the ice or every time you leave the ice, take a deep breathe in, look around and realize how lucky you are to be a part of something so blissful.

One thought on “What if You Couldn’t Skate Anymore?

  1. Thank you for this post. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have a year round indoor ice rink where I used to live until I moved here. They only have seasonal winter outdoor rinks here and when the first one opened, I didn’t care about the long lines. I needed to skate!

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