What Skating is to a Skater

Skating Gives Us Life Ina Bauer


Why do we skate? For that feeling of complete bliss as soon as you step onto the ice.  Being able to come to the rink after the worse day ever and let everything go.  It doesn’t matter whether you can land a triple toeloop or simply do a one foot glide, it is the love for skating that matters.  No matter how hard we train, who we train with, what competitions we place at or how many tests we pass,  it is the adoration for being on the ice that we can all relate too.

Skating is life because it gives us life.  It fills us with a sense of euphoria, accomplishment and inspiration.  Every skater can relate no matter what we have accomplished or whatever path we decide to take in skating.  We all have the same desire to be on the ice in our world where nothing else exists.  It is the boundless frozen canvas where dreams are etched and worries are swept away.  It is the home that travels to wherever ice exists.  It is our happiness and freedom right under our feet.  Skating is what we do, who we are and what gives us life.  It is our everything.


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