Finding Inspiration

Flower Figure Skates

Going to practice day after day can get a little mundane.  I loved skating and training, but there were days I did NOT want to go to the rink.  Whether it was being tired or bored, the thought of having to get ready (which is half of the work) and then having to train was so unappealing.  Everyone needs their inspiration.  On days when you don’t want to be near the rink, find something to motivate yourself.  The list below are things that might help spark your motivation and give you that urge to skate.

1. Watching videos of some of your favorite skaters.
2. Listening to music that pumps you up and makes you want to move.
3. Rewarding yourself with a 10 minutes “play” time at the end of the session
4. Write down goals at the beginning of the season and read them before you go out and skate.
5. Bring a friend to watch you skate (almost every skater I know skates harder and better because they try to show off)
These are just some of a few, but the most effective for most skaters is watching videos of other skaters. It provides the motivation and inspiration to push yourself a little farther in order to be able to perform what you are watching.  Skaters in the videos make it look so effortless and graceful.  It may take a lot of blood sweat and tears, but if you keep pushing yourself and keep inspiring yourself someday you could do it too.


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