Show Time=DRAMA Part 3 RESPECT

This is the section in the show time series that makes my blood boil.  The other sections are the usual expected drama that I can see both sides from.  I can understand being upset about having a horrible costume or being placed in the wrong group, but what I can’t wrap my head around is being disrespectful to the people around you.  There is always that one skater or parent who thinks the world revolves around them.  Any skater or parent from the club can name that person instantly.  If you can’t….it’s probably you.  In the process of trying to get what they want (which is usually attention) they end up being disrespectful and hurtful to the people around them.  Aretha Franklin said it best “R.E.S.P.E.C.T .” Respect seems to get lost amongst the jealousy, competitiveness, showing off  and every other emotion that appears during show time. Within one show at one club the amount of disrespect shown towards coaches, skaters, parents, and volunteers is revolting. Again, I know repeat myself in every show time drama blog post, but it all comes down to everyone seems to forget the reason why the show is happening. It is for the skaters benefit and to be a fun event.  I have seen skaters text on their cellphones during practice while the coach is trying to instruct, a skater (in high school) sitting on the ice away from their show group pouting while the other skaters are listening intently, 7th and 8th graders pushing each other during rehearsals, countless times have I seen skaters stomp off the ice not to mention kick the ice and boards, skaters squirreling around during rehearsals while everyone else pays attention, skaters not performing the choreography because they think its “stupid”, skaters and parents yelling at the coaches or volunteers for various reasons, performing disrespectful acts from changing costumes or choreography to adding props during the show to draw attention, the list can go on and on.

Figure Skating Ice ShowI want to scream just thinking of all of things.  The disrespectful don’t realize that they are hurting the people around them.  Sometimes those skaters are trying to make a point to the club or the coaches, but in the process they end up hurting and being disrespectful to the other skaters around them.  Why should that single skater not perform the correct choreography when everyone else is? I have seen it on so many occasions where the skaters who refuse to the do the choreography think they are the best skater when in reality they are not.  Not performing the correct choreography or changing the choreography is not only a disrespect towards the coach but also to the other skaters in the group. They spent just as much time and dedication, if not more, into the number and one skater decides they are the star and steals the thunder. Often times the skater tries to “prove a point” to a coach, parent, or volunteer and in the process they don’t realize they are hurting or disrespecting the other skaters.  It is the self centered skater with the big ego who thrives for attention because they aren’t happy with themselves.

Coaches are there to support the skaters, to choreograph fun numbers, and to show off their skills. Coaches are there to help the skaters, not to make them look stupid. Some skaters lose sight of that and refuse to do the correct choreography because they think it is too easy or looks ridiculous. Well guess what? It looks more ridiculous when you are the only one not performing it. If you think it is too easy and don’t want to do it because it looks to simple, the coach probably made it easy because you would look more ridiculous attempting to things you think you can do but can’t. I have been on both sides of the spectrum on this one. I remember not liking choreography and hating to be yelled at (as a group), but it was all part of the show and it all came together in the end. Now being a coach, I am utterly disgusted at some of the actions by some skaters. I have dealt with skaters calling the coaches a B*&#$, a skater yelling at a volunteer, a skater yelling at a parent, skaters storming off the ice during rehearsals, and so on. If it was up to me, these skaters would get kicked out of the show. Why should everyone else follow the rules, work hard, listen intently and have to put up with these other skaters?

We have all experienced and probably will have to work with these skaters who are disrespectful, but how do we deal with them? If it was up to me, they would get kicked out of the show.  I understand that would be upsetting for many people (even though half of the club would be more than thrilled to see them go), so it is probably not the best option to flat out kick them out right away.  It often depends on the situation, but if you are a skater dealing with another skater the best thing to do is to ignore them completely.  They are looking for attention so if you ignore them they will have nothing to feed off of.  If you are a coach or volunteer there usually has to be some disciplinary action for their actions.  Singling them out in front of the entire group usually works better than yelling at the group as a whole, suspending them from a practice or a show, require them to perform extra volunteer hours, or have a meeting with the skater and possibly their parent as well to talk about their actions.  A three strike system could also be set into place where the skaters and parents will sign a sportsmanship waiver before the show.  If they break 3 of the rules they will be kicked out of the show.  That way it is point blank they broke rules and they had agreed to those conditions.  We will always have disrespectful skaters in the club who will always cause drama.  Instead of having the drama start as a spark and turn into a forest fire, we can extinguish it right away before it gets out of control.  Let the show be the what the show is supposed to be. FUN and hopefully as drama free as it can be.






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