Show Time= DRAMA Part 2 Show Groups

“I have to skate with WHO!?” Are the words that ring in the air when the show groups are chosen.

Every club has a different method of choosing who is in what show group. It doesn’t matter what method is used, there are usually upset parents or skaters based on who is in what group.  The disapproval ranges from the skater or parent thinking they should be in a higher group, or that there is someone in the group that doesn’t “deserve” to be in the group because they are not at a high enough level. There are always grey area skaters who are between two levels which make it very difficult to place in the groups.  No matter who is in what group, please remember that these groups were chosen to the best of everyones knowledge placing the groups.  Someone, whether it is you or your child, may get placed in the wrong group, but that doesn’t mean that the show is ruined.  There is always a way to make the most of it.  If you feel like you are too high to be in the group you are in, think of how good you are going too look compared to everyone else!  If you feel like you are too low to be in the group that you are in, the people choosing the groups put you in that group for a reason.  They believe in you, and you need to believe in yourself and show them you deserve to be there.  There is always a way to put a positive spin on the group you are in.

Many club shows take place in the spring time, but the planning and signing up for the show usually occurs in the fall.  This makes it even more difficult to place the skaters because by show time, the skaters usually progress well beyond their originally placed group, especially at the basic skills level.  If you are the skater or parent of a skater that feels as though they are too high to be in the group they are in, take it as a compliment instead of complaining because you or your child have probably progressed more than the other skaters in their group throughout the season.

Everyone in charge of choosing the groups tries to do their best, but sometimes their judgement is clouded.  I have heard on multiple occasion from multiple clubs that certain skaters are not placed in certain groups because they don’t get along with another skater.  This may not be the correct approach considering their levels are be compatible, but the people in charge are trying their best in order to place the skaters so they will have fun during the show.

That is ultimately what it comes down too, is having FUN in the show.  No matter who is in your group, what song you skate too, what costume you have to wear, remember that you are doing this because you love it.  Ignore the details and focus on what you have the opportunity to do-skate your heart out and perform!

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