Show Time = Drama PART 1 COSTUMES

It’s the time of the annual club show and that can only mean one thing….DRAMA.  Every year at show time, no matter what Brittyni Carlson Light Up Alien Costume Figure Skatingclub I worked with or heard about, there is always drama.  Get a group of skaters together and try to put an event on that would please everyone is darn near impossible.  Most of the people putting the show together are volunteers and are trying to do their best to put on a wonderful production that will benefit the skaters and the club as an entity.  Combining all of the variables of a show, the main priority seems to get lost.  Having fun and performing with your peers to show your talent gets swept aside compared to the drama that steps in.  Costumes, group choices, music, disrespectful skaters, upset parents, the list could go on and on.  But how did we avoid all of this drama? We don’t.  There is no possible way that with the number of skaters, parents, coaches, volunteers and the amount of variables that go into a show that everything will run smoothly.  Every year I hope that this will be the year when there is no drama, but that is just a lost dream.  There is no way to avoid the drama because lets face it, something will happen.  Even though we can’t avoid it, we can deal with the situations that occur in order to keep the main focus of the of the show a priority.  It’s not always going to be easy to deal with, and there will definitely be times where you may need to bite your tongue, but again this is a club show and not an individual show.  Everyone has just as much right to be in the show as everyone else.  So how do we handle the drama? It depends on the situation….


Costumes are one of the biggest problems when it comes to a show and here are a few reason why and how to handle the situation.

1. In person they never look like how they do in the picture

       No it’s not what you paid for, no the color isn’t the same, yes the material is itchy, but guess what? Everyone in your group who is wearing the costume is wearing the same costume so you are not the only one.  The people who chose the costumes, who are most likely volunteers, chose the costumes which they thought would suit everyone considering the options they had.  It is, on average, a 2 minute number.  You only have to wear it for 2 minutes and you never have to wear it again, so if you don’t like it just bite your tongue and hope that next year will be better.

2. The costumes NEVER fit correctly

       The sizing charts vary from company to company and the costumes are usually ordered months in advance so growth spurts can occur.  It is very unlikely that all of the costumes fit perfectly, but instead of complaining, try swapping sizes with someone else in your group or make minor alterations as long as it is okay with the club.  Again, 2 minutes is all you have to wear it for.

Parents really seem to get involved in the costumes and this is where some of the drama comes in.  I was at a practice the day the costumes arrived for a local clubs annual show.  All of the skaters were excited and running in and out of the changing rooms trying on their costumes to show off to everyone.  One of the moms was throwing a fit about how the costume was too small for her child, so she sent her daughter to go put it on to show the woman in charge.  When the skater came out into the lobby filled with peers and parents, the mom starts making a scene and screaming, “You expect my daughter to wear that?! Look how FAT she looks in that!”  The costume was snug, but it was not nearly as bad as the mother thought or the scene that she had just made.  My heart sank for the little girl and what her mother just put her through.

3. The stock, shipping time, and size availability always effects how the costumes are chosen

    The people choosing the costume have limited options due to what is in stock, the shipping time, and the sizing availability.  There are certain groups when not everyone is the same size or one or two girls may need a kid size or adult size but the costume is only available in one or the other.  The costumes may not be perfect, but again they are the best options available.

4. With only 1 style costume for a group of people, someone is not going to like it

    Some costumes will be tank top, t shirt, long sleeve, and someone will not like what it is.  Sometimes everyone in the group hates the costumes, but again everyone has to wear it so you are not the only one looking out of place.  One year I had to wear a crushed tie dyed brown velvet body suit with matted fur around the neck and wrists because we were cats.  It was by far one of the worst costumes I ever had to wear.  It was awful at the time, but it makes for a great story and a good laugh later.

5. $ Cha Ching Cha Ching $ The cost always creates problems

    There will always be a disagreement on how much to spend on the costumes.  Some parents want to spend more and get a costume they can wear again.  Some parents hardly want to spend anything because they know they won’t wear it again.  There is a very sticky line between what is too much and what is too little.  Please trust that whoever is picking out the costumes is doing their best to find the best and most affordable costumes.  If you are the one complaining about the costumes, try offering your help instead of complaining.  Offering to help is a much better way to handle the situation because the people in charge are most likely overwhelmed and will appreciate the help.  Also, you might be happier with the decision in the end if your input is involved.

We have all been there and experienced bad costumes, but the show must go on.  Complaining about the costume you have is not going to change anything.  The only thing it will do is upset the others skaters, parents or coaches.  If you don’t like your costume, it is just best to bite your tongue.  Then when the show is finished, you can have a wonderful little campfire to burn that awful piece of fabric called a costume!

I Survived the Show TshirtWe have all had those horrible costumes and would to love to see yours. Post your photo of your ugly show costumes on our Facebook page or tag Skating Inspirations in the photo!  We will choose a winner who will win a free Tshirt reading “I Survived the Show”

Winner will be chosen on May 31, 2014

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