What Great Skaters Don’t Realize In Competitions

What Great Skaters Don’t Realize

Sometimes intimidation gets the best of us and we don’t realize our own strengths and abilities.

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Before a competition, I have seen so many skaters lose their mental focus (including myself). They start thinking about other skaters and how good they are instead of focusing on themselves. Talented skaters seem to forget their strengths and their own amazing abilities. We can’t see ourselves, we can only see others, and our own evil judgment gets the best of us.
There were countless competitions when I gave up before it even started. During practice ice, I would get so intimidated by the other skaters whizzing by, whipping off jumps left and right. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and go home. It would come program time and I would put little effort into the program. It was like some mental thing my subconscious told me, “if I don’t try, I don’t have the excuse that I tried my best.” Messed up right? The things athletes think. When I would finish my half attempted program, I would watch the rest of the skaters in my group. Then the regret would set in. “Why didn’t I try!” Multiple competitors would fall, bobble, pop, or even if they skated clean they had the same elements as me.I was blinded by fear during practice and let it get it to me. I didn’t realize that I deserved to be in the same group as them, that I practiced just as hard and had the same elements. You would think after this happened once or twice I would learn, but everytime I was taken back by others talent that I didn’t realize my own.
Before compeititions, it is so important to remember your strengths! “Always believe in the strength and ability you hold within your own skating.” I don’t think talented skaters realize how good they are and how much potential they have because they are always striving to be better, and they know that there is always something to improve on. I just hope, that someday these skaters will realize their strengths and believe in themselves enough to ignore they compeititors and focus on their own skating.

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