#12 Great Skaters are Made by Their Passion

“Great skaters are not made up of their technique, but be their passion”

Once again, I have been listening to more podcasts, and this week I listened to an episode of the Solopreneurhour where they  said, “You cant teach hustle.” Oh how true! Growing up skating I didn’t exactly have one of the best coaches but  I, unlike other skaters taking from her, had a burning passion for skating.  I would be the first one on the ice and my mom would have to drag me off at 10 night (the official end time for ice was 8:30).  At the time when I was training, I didn’t realize there was bad and good technique, all I knew was if you wanted to be good you had to work hard.  


I realize now that technique DEFINITELY does matter, but some of the greatest coaches out there can teach skaters who don’t have the desire to achieve.  This is something incredibly important for parents to realize.  I had a students mother last year write me a very rude email after her daughter didn’t pass her skating test.  How do you make the parent understand that even though I am teaching her daughter (which is like pulling teeth) that her daughter has to actually WANT to skate and WANT to learn.  It was like talking to air! Yet, the coach is the one at fault.  There are many cases in skating that it is no ones fault but the skaters.  The skater needs to want to skate, want to learn, and want to achieve.  This goes along with other posts that I have written because not only do the skaters need to want to achieve they need to set goals and those goals need time limits.  This will increase the skaters motivation which I feel adds to the desire.  


Skaters with slightly less technique but have a burning passion and desire for skating will achieve much more than skaters with perfect technique but don’t care.  The skaters that don’t care aren’t willing to sacrifice or train.  If they are forced by their parents they will reach an age or moment where they start to despise skating.  I can’t even count how many skaters I have seen throw their skates in the garbage can because their parents or coaches pushed them harder than their hunger for skating.  On the opposite hand, I have seen skaters who have only reached a mediocre level of skating but absolutely love and have a fervent enthusiasm for the sport that has led them to become professional show skaters, start skating clubs from scratch, or become a great coaches. Everyone always says love is powerful and stronger than anything.  Great skaters are not made up of their technique but by their passion and love for the sport.


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