#11 Goals Need Time Limits


I have started reading the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris trying to improve on my entrepreneurial skills.  During my read I came across a chapter, one line in particular, that made a lightbulb go off.  Parkinsons Law! Its not exactly something you would first think of when it comes to skating, but it’s so important! Parkinson’s law is the saying which states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.  The same applies for goals.  You will take the time allotted in order to complete the task at hand whether it be to finish your work or achieve a goal. I understand that goals aren’t always able to be achieved by a due date, especially if the time set is unrealistic, but wouldn’t you agree that someone who sets a time limit for a goal will be a lot closer to accomplishing it if they give themselves a time limit? People who give themselves a time limit for a specific goal tend to utilize their time more wisely.  Their focus is direct and they are able to achieve greater success towards their focus.  I have seen it multiple times where some skaters have been working on their axels for years.  Then there are other skaters who are working on their axel but want to compete it at an upcoming competition.  The skaters who challenge themselves and give themselves the time limit of having to land the axel by the next competition usually do. If they don’t, they are pretty darn close and a lot closer than the skaters who didn’t set an end date to their goal and continue to work on it for another 3 years.

Skaters or any athlete needs goals, but the goals also need a time limit.  It helps the skaters stay focused and motivates them to work hard and achieve more in a shorter amount time.  Time limits ignite the fire of motivation!

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