#9 Caring about Choreography

When you see a skater skate, what do you remember most about that skater? Is it their amazing presentation, beautiful spiral, or triple jumps? So many historic and memorable skaters are remembered for their grace and elegance.  I can’t understand why so many skaters training are PRIMARILY focused on jumps and jumps only.  I see so many skaters that focus primarily on the jumps and not on their actual skating.  No presentation, no arms, no choreography, and they just don’t care.  It’s really sad to such talent and potential go to the wayside because they don’t care about presentation and especially not if they have had a rough skate that session.  If only skaters could fully understand the importance of choreography and presentation.  You would think with all of the times that coaches drill this into the skaters they would think twice about it. But no, only jumps matter in their mind.  

What sets skaters apart? If everyone has the same jumps and spins, who are the judges going to remember? A skater with a hunch back looking down at the ice or a skater with gorgeous lines and choreography who is owning the ice? There is no question about it they will place the one with expression and poise at the top of the podium.  To me, skaters who don’t continually try to better their skating in all aspects don’t care as much as they think they do.  If they really wanted to get better and reach their potential, they would point their toes, keep their head held high, and listen to their coach even if they are trying to correct a basic position.  Remember, coaches are there to help you become the best you can be.  All of the crazy exercises and things that seem simple are for your own benefit. They are there to help you, but you have to want the help and want to improve.  Otherwise, you could have Olympic coaches and it would be a waste because you don’t want to change.  Attitude is everything and having the right attitude about all aspects of skating is crucial to your skating success.Image

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