#1 Overcoming the Fear

Figure skating is my life, my passion, and my job.  No matter how many hours I spend at the rink, I am still bursting with zealousness.  Every time I step on the ice, I am continued to be inspired by what this amazing sport can do.  I went from being a young skater with a dream to be in the Olympics (which failed horribly, but led me down an amazing path) to traveling the world being a professional figure skater, to now being a coach.  Every experience that I have had in skating has taught me different life lessons and ways to have different outlooks on situations.  

My most recent revelation that I have had has brought me to creating this blog.  In any job or environment in life (especially skating I find), there are always people that cannot be pleased and that no matter how hard you try will never “like” you.  I call this type of person the “negatives”.  I have continually tried to make conversations and get along with everyone, but no matter what I do, I have come to realize that these “negatives” have a prejudged outlook on me and unless they change their mindset, nothing I do or say will change their opinion of me.  

I am not scared of many things in life.  Ill pick up snakes, jump out of plane, and squish the bugs instead of squeal.  But starting from an early age, I have had a fear of people judging me.  Coming from a skater this may sound odd considering we are judged for skating in competition and tests, and in the show world we were judged all of the time by choreographers, show directors, the audience and other skaters as well.  The fear I have of people judging me; however, is not about my skating, it is about myself and how I think and feel.  This fear is the reason that I have not created a blog before today.  I have had this fear that people that I have toured with or coached with will “judge” me or the things I write.  I realized that the people that do this are the “negatives” so no matter what I do or say, to them I will be the negative one.  

My revelation that has led me to finally overcoming my fear and creating this blog was this: No matter what I do, the “negatives” will always be negative.  Going out of my way to get along with the “negatives” and having them bring me down with them or separating myself away from them and being happy, they will still be negative.  Writing a blog or not writing a blog, they will still be negative.  When dealing with “negatives” there will always be a negative outcome so I have decided to ignore them and go about my positive life.  I will still “keep the peace” but I would rather separate myself and be happy and write a blog which brings me joy, than be held back by these kind of people.  Negatives don’t deserve to win, and I for one am not going to let them.  I will be judged either way, so I might as well do what I want and be happy for it and hopefully inspire other skaters along the way. 

I will try to keep the posts shorter than this on all of my future posts; however, I felt as though I needed to express and share some insight to the start of what I hope to be a very prolific and inspirational blog.

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